Terraria Apk + OBB + MOD V1.2.12785 for Android [latest version]

Terraria Apk: Terraria is a popular 2d action video game which is very adventurous and exciting to play. This game was initially designed for the Microsoft Windows. Later, it was released for various gaming consoles, mobile devices and handhelds. Today, it is available for various operating systems such as Android platform, iOS and Linux. There are many adventurous things to do in this game. The player can explore craft, build and combat with different creatures in the 2d pixel world of this game. The mobile version of Terraria was very popular on pc but to make this game handier the mobile version was released. The features of this game have been greatly enhanced in the newer version of this game. The Terraria game is a very top rated adventure game. Millions of downloads of this game have been done by users around the world.

It is one of the games owned and developed by the fantastic sandbox video games. The game has received positive critical appreciation after it was released. It is out of the best second incredible game by sandbox one of which is mine craft. More than 25 million copies of this game
were downloaded on the internet by different platforms. It is a very rare and exclusive game as it is classic and adventurous. There are three weapons with which the player starts the game. They are an axe to mine, a sword to fight and an axe to cut trees. The player can get many
powerups and resources by using the initial weapons he has. There is also primary health and magic points given to the player. The heath can be increased by the player when procuring certain resources. Some special resources can be found with the help of the map.

Many players love a game if it is never-ending. A game which has many levels is interesting. Likewise, the Terraria game has many exciting and adventures levels. The player can fight with the deadly zombies, skeleton and demons. Some special weapons which are used by the player are sword, guns, magic spells and weapons. A level ends when the player defeats the boss for that level. There are many bosses available in each level it may be difficult to defeat them but the player can use powerful weapons to do so. It is now very easy and simple for Android users to download the Apk file or Terraria through links available on the internet. There are lots of
amazing features available when playing the game in your mobile version. The player has full freedom to play this game as they want. The content and the storyboard are completely rich. Let's see some the fantastic feature of the new updated version of the Terraria game.

Latest features of Terraria Apk V1.2.12785

There are lots of new amazing features available in the updated version of the Terraria game. The excitement level of this game has been increased with the new resources available in this game. Let see some of the preeminent features of terrarium game.

  • More than thousand two hundred weapons, crafting recipes, armour and potions are available in the game. This helps the play the game in a different dimension.
  • The game has become even more thrilling because the player can now combat with more than one hundred fifty enemies. The bosses of this game have become even tougher to fight with. The player can build everything and anything because there are more than fifty blocks available for the player.
  • The graphics features have been greatly enhanced in this game. The clarity, the visuals and the animations have become even more refined. The graphics features give the players real gaming experience. As this game is a 2d game the 2d effects have become
    even more excellent.
  • The audio effects of this game have become even clearer. The game sounds such as shooting, jumping and building every audio sound have become very effective.
  • The interface of the game is quite attractive and easy. The colourful interface of this game goes well with the storyboard.
  • The buttons and controls of this game are very flexible and very easy to use. Any player can play this game with the game controls very effortlessly. It is not at all confusing. Without any complications, you can get high scores and proceed to the next levels in the game.\
  • The player can travel with the maps available in this game. There are even more lots of places to explore in the terrarium game.
  • The terrarium game is now compatible with even more Android mobile versions. Earlier, there were limitations and minimum Android version requirements to download this game. However, the terrarium game is now available for almost all versions of android versions.
  • The main advantage of downloading the apk file of the Terraria is it is available for free of cost. Many top rated popular games are not available for free. However, the Terraria Apk file can be downloaded by any Android user without paying anything.

Screenshots of Terraria Apk V1.2.12785

Terraria Apk V1.2.12785 File Information

The developer of the Terraria game is known as 50 games srl. The developer of this game is very popular. One of the famous game developed by this developer is the mine craft game.

  • The new version of Terraria game can be downloaded for free. The new updated version of this game is 1.2.12785. by downloading the latest version of Terraria you can enjoy lots of new features of this game.
  • The Terraria Apk file consumes only less space of your device. Even though it is a long game with many levels, space which is occupied by this game is only 49.4 MB.
  • The terrarium game is always uploaded with new updates.
  • The Android version requirement to download the Terraria game is 4.03 or higher than this. If the game is downloaded for android versions below than this then the game cannot be launched in the device. There are many apk files available on the internet
    which will be suitable for your android device version.

Requirements to install Terraria Apk v1.2.12785

  • The required android version to download the terrarium game is more than 4.0. Your device must have at least 1 GB RAM to download the terrarium game on your device.
  • A good internet connection is required to download the Apk file of terrarium game.
  • 150 MB space is required to download the full terrarium game on your android device.

Download Terraria Apk + OBB + DATA

  • The Apk file of Terraria game should be installed in the user's device. The latest version
    of terrarium Apk file can be downloaded through links available on the internet.
  • ┬áNow install the OBB file of Terraria from the links available on the internet.
    The OBB file of Terraria may be saved in a zip file. If you download the zip of OBB file then use any tool to unzip the file.
  • Copy and paste the main OBB file of Terraria in the desired location of your android device external storage. If there is no location to save the file then create a new folder to save the OBB file of Terraria game.
  • After saving the OBB file of Terraria properly, the app is successfully installed and you
    can use this game app.

How to Setup & install Terraria Apk v1.2.12785

  • The latest version of Terraria Apk file can be downloaded from the links available on the internet. The Apk file is available on the official website of the Terraria game. It is very authentic to download the Apk file of Terraria from the official site. However, there are
    many sources from where the download link of terrarium game is available. After clicking on the links it will redirect you to the direct download page where the Terraria game file starts downloading.
  • To download the Apk file properly you may have to change your android device setting. Go to the device security settings> in device and administration option> select and enable downloads from unknown sources. This is a very necessary step to download the
    Terraria Apk file on your device.
  • After the completion of the download process, click install.
  • To install the game successfully accept all the terms and conditions. You may have to permit the Terraria app to access certain information about your device. The installation process may take a while. Wait till it completes fully.
  • After the successful installation of terrarium game, now you can play this incredible game on your android device.


The Terraria is one of the excellent and brilliant mining games on the internet. The genre of this game is very unique because of it a mining game, a combat game and an adventure game. The storyboard of the Terraria is very different and amazing. While mining in the game the player can do lots more tasks such as fighting with the dangerous enemies and you can even build items with the building blocks. The terrarium is a full packed entertainment game. Download the OBB file or APK file of terrarium game to enjoy the game.